French Bulldogs in Sports

We often get shocked and surprised responses when people find out our Frenchies compete in dog sports. There is an idea out in the world that Frenchies are inherently unhealthy, lazy, or unfit dogs. This is simply a stereotype however. Our Frenchies compete in a multitude of sports including scent work, agility, rally, FastCat, obedience,

Getting Through the Summer

Summer can be rough on everyone, especially our short-nosed friends. Dogs do not have sweat glands the way humans and horses do. Their primary method for cooling themselves down is through panting. Our Frenchies still want the opportunity to get outside and play, so we make it a priority to get out early in the

What to Feed Your New Puppy?

There are as many different brands of dog food on the market as there are dogs. We have used a huge variety of different formulas over the years and have settled on the handful that seem to do the best with our dogs. This does not mean this is what is correct for everyone’s household

Leash Training Your Puppy

Have you wondered how to introduce your puppy to the leash? Well, the first step is making sure they are used to wearing a collar. Once they are comfortable with their collar, you want to purchase a small light leash approximately 4′ in length. To begin with, you are just going to allow your puppy