There are as many different brands of dog food on the market as there are dogs. We have used a huge variety of different formulas over the years and have settled on the handful that seem to do the best with our dogs. This does not mean this is what is correct for everyone’s household or dogs. We feed ProPlan Sport Formula, ProPlan Puppy Focus, and Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream for our one girl that doesn’t seem to do her best on ProPlan.

Our dogs are also consuming a decent portion of their daily caloric amount through training where we utilize FreshPet, frozen Bil-Jac, and Wellness Puppy Bites. All of these seem to agree with our dogs’ stomachs and do not cause any upset tummies if we are working long training sessions on complex behaviors. It is important to remember to adjust your puppy’s meal sizes based on how many treats they are getting that day. There are times when our dogs are consuming an entire day’s worth of calories in training.

You are going to need to adjust how much your puppy is eating based on their activity level, base metabolism, and growth. We will send you home with a basic guideline on what works well for them here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their needs won’t change quickly once in a new environment. Please familiarize yourself with a dog’s body condition score chart. It will help you in making decisions about your dog’s diet.

As always, if you have questions about what your dog is eating or if they are getting too heavy, please reach out to us. We are more than happy to help.