French Bulldog Scentwork

We often get shocked and surprised responses when people find out our Frenchies compete in dog sports. There is an idea out in the world that Frenchies are inherently unhealthy, lazy, or unfit dogs. This is simply a stereotype however. Our Frenchies compete in a multitude of sports including scent work, agility, rally, FastCat, obedience, and just recently barn hunt.

Frenchies are not like a Golden Retriever or a Border Collie. They aren’t going to drive you insane if you don’t give them a job, and they can be perfectly content just being your companion. However, they will surprise you with what they are capable of when given the opportunity. I bet most of you would be surprised to know, the fastest French Bulldog currently recorded with AKC FastCAT runs 25.12 MPH! That’s pretty darn speedy considering how short their little legs are.

We live in a time where I think showcasing our healthy and functional French Bulldogs is more important than ever. There is a mindset out there that they are all unhealthy simply based on poor breed stereotypes. Our little Frenchies can be just as healthy and just as capable as any other companion breed. We try and make a point to get our Frenchies involved in as many sports as we can. It is not only good for the dogs, but also good for the reputation of the French Bulldog in the public’s eye.

I want to encourage all of you to see if any of the many sports available appeal to you. Check with your local kennel club and see if they offer any fun classes to help you get started in these sports. We can also offer virtual training sessions to help you get started if you don’t have access to classes near you.